Liselle resides in Nelspruit , South Africa . Approximately 20 minutes drive from the world renowned Kruger National Park.

Liselle started her career as a fashion designer....her eye for styling and design are obvious in the images she captures.

Her initial focus on macro photography later diversified into an Emporium of Potraiture , commercial Interior shoots and Art Images , often framed in her collection of hand-made and rusted steel frames....."I love the stimulation of a many faceted business"... says Liselle.

Portraiture : "Capturing the essence of a person is the ultimate goal. Interaction between subjects during a shoot often provide wonderful off-beat images that depict the client more effectively than more traditional images . "This is what I enjoy ... I love the dynamic between people ... those unplanned moments . Pets are wonderful in a shoot...laughter and chaos have made for some superbly captured memories" says Liselle . "My other love is to design a set in which to position the client for a shoot. Generally this would be a glamour shoot or something special for a group of friends . A touch of theatre is especially effective here ...I often bring in Vintage props for this purpose"

Art : "I love putting together a scene and thinking out of the box. My range of Art images allow me this luxury... I still capture mostly macro here, which I print to canvas and frame in rusted steel. Texture is key .... wonderfully interesting images .. throw in some rust .. add a layer of slick glass and a baroque outer frame ... presto! The contrast of earthy industrial texture and modern slick is wonderfully invigorating !"

"To create ,design and present the client an image that captures their imagination feeds my soul . Imagination is such a gift ... as is putting it to work doing something one truly enjoys ."